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Oasis Wonderwall guitare 2

Oasis Wonderwall guitare 2

matt simmons catch and release

star wars part1star wars part2star wars part3

Towner anthem

safka look what




PLL the piercesPortishead. The rip3 days grace painkillerThem Crocked Vultures - ElephantsSaxon - Guardians of the tombScorpions - blood too hotlinda Perry. what's uprush  passage bangkok30 Seconds to Mars - L490




telephone un autre monde oasis outta timePink Floyd is there anybody out there part 1texas conversationdeux pieds gauches. travail pour deux guitares. niveau débutant



radiohear streetSting. Shape of my heartAm i wrong - Nicomr Probz. Waves



The three days grace - never too late


sound of silence - Simon and GarfunkelOasis wonderwall guitar1 part 1the ting tings hang it up






californication fingerstylerem everybody hurts





arpeges et riffs efficaces

arpeges et riffs efficaces


No Doubt - don't speak gtr part 1

No Doubt – don’t speak gtr part 1

No Doubt - don't speak gtr part 2

No Doubt – don’t speak gtr part 2


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